Summer lovin’

This is a piece i wrote on the old MKT blog… Liked it so thought id share!
Summer lovin'

I love summer. its a time for fantastic fruit, refreshing drink and juicy seasonal meat and fish. So its no surprise that anybody who is just as into creating colourful and flavourful meals as me, get a little bit giddy when walking the farmers markets and grocery shops. its a time to try new things, have friends over and fire up the grill. To sit outside until the late evening sunshine fades into the obscurity of dusk and the coals on your barbeque glow just enough to keep the chill away while you all gather round, sharing the left overs from the spoils of the hot grill. this is summer for me. and I love it.


By Phil Roberts

Juvenile pit smoker. From the UK. Works in the beer industry, Love blogging about food and drink. Hence the blog about you know... food and drink.

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