Battle of the burgers final 2013

Deep into focus mode for the battle of the burgers. 4x 400g lamb mince bought today and plenty of spice to go with it. 7 days until crunch time. Literally if they like the poppadum.


A messy prototype

Im proud to have got this far and to have had one of my recipes, which I hold so dear, recognised as worthy enough to compete with some clearly great competition. I would love to win. It would rubber stamp all of my efforts and confirm you can really achieve something when you put your mind to it. But even if I dont I have got further than I thought I ever could and possibly further maybe than a few expected me to! So I really do feel good about things today. My love for food increased even further and my thirst for success and eventual career satisfaction doing something I love ratified.  I will close with a huge thank you to whoever picked me for the final it means the world to me.

See you on the sixth people. Best of luck to the other 7 finalists, I look forward to meeting you all… Ill be the one looking really nervous!