Homemade pasta

Some may argue that the fact that you can go and buy hundreds of varieties of pasta off the shelf in any supermarket, is motivation enough to not bother getting flour everywhere and getting your hands dirty to make your own. This is a fair logic however opening up a plastic bag doesn’t come close […]


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The hog-mornay

For the first real recipe post of 2016 I thought I might as well do something I am known for and share a seasonally appropriate burger recipe with you all, starting as I mean to go on with something a little different while also keeping it totally achievable for cooks of any level. As the title suggests I […]


Blog relaunch and 2016

Hi all, Just a quick update on the current goings on with regards to the blog in 2016. As you can see just by looking at it the aesthetics of the blog have changed considerably, meaning that it is well and truly primed and ready for lots of new content this year. I am going to make […]