Blog relaunch and 2016

Hi all,

Just a quick update on the current goings on with regards to the blog in 2016. As you can see just by looking at it the aesthetics of the blog have changed considerably, meaning that it is well and truly primed and ready for lots of new content this year.

I am going to make an effort to improve on everything I have ever done so far, including but not limited to, better photography, better structure to my writing and more importantly… more regular content. I know I have been a little bit slow in getting things on here of late due to buying a house, changing job’s and literally being swamped at Christmas but this year I have everything a bit more organised and I am ready to go!

I have lots already lined up for the next week so keep your eyes peeled and I hope you enjoy reading. 2016 will hopefully be another great year for the blog and I will continue to be able to give people from all over the UK and beyond something tasty to look at and hopefully inspire other people to sharpen up their knives and fire up the stove.

Happy new year!


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By Phil Roberts

Juvenile pit smoker. From the UK. Works in the beer industry, Love blogging about food and drink. Hence the blog about you know... food and drink.

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