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14 hour pulled pork with green goblin BBQ sauce

This week was a week that just seemed to come together quite well. I was looking for something to inspire me to write a new recipe for the site, then my mom came through the door with a big chunk of pork shoulder and asked me to cook it on Sunday. Problem solved. A few […]

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Operation: Eat bunny

Hi all and welcome to the start of my personal mission. The aim of which is to convert people to a different way of thinking about what goes into their food. I am an adventurous eater and I take an enormous amount of enjoyment in trying new things, while taking even more joy in introducing other people to new things. This has led […]

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Slow cooked BBQ pulled pork

This recipe is a really easy alongside being an exceptionally tasty addition to the ever growing reel of the Gecko recipe archive. It can be done in a crock pot in the oven but I used a slow cooker. Two of my recommended cuts of pork are a shoulder or leg joint. Feel free to […]